Course Schedule


The ACIA conforms strictly with their COVID Safe Plan in order to conduct courses when restrictions allow.  The ACIA highly recommends COVID vaccinations to keep both staff and clients safe. 

A completed course application form and a $100 deposit will reserve your place on any course. The course application form can be obtained at or by contacting the National Office.

Course prices are listed here. Also, all courses are subject to minimum numbers.

The ACIA is happy to liaise with you to organise courses for group bookings.

Or you can join our scheduled courses at the following locations:

Mt Arapiles, Victoria

The Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Albany, Western Australia

VICTORIA - Mt Arapiles

FYI - all our Arapiles based instructors are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Winter 2022

Preliminary TRG Training             - as required

TRG Training      10th - 12th June (Queen's Birthday w/e)

TRG Assessment 4th June

SPG Training      10th - 13th June

SPG Assessment 4th - 5th June

MPG Training    15th - 17th July

MPG Assessment            25th - 26th June

CI Training         1st - 3rd July

CI Assessment   18th - 19th June

Spring 2022 

Preliminary Training                             22 September & as required

TRG Training                                            23 - 25 September

TRG Assessment                                     17 September

SPG Training                                             23 - 26 September

SPG Assessment                                     17 - 18 September

MPG Training                                           30 Sept - 2nd October

MPG Assessment                                    10 - 11 September

CI Training                                                 7 - 9 October

CI Assessment                                          3 - 4 September



TRG Preliminary              Training - as required

TRG Training - as required

SPG Assessment - 10th - 11th September 2022

SPG Training 6th - 9th October 2022

CI Training - 18th - 20th September 2022

TRG, SPG & MPG Assessments - as required


NSW - Blue Mountains 2021

Note: Our NSW courses are currently being rescheduled. Check this space soon for our updated schedule. FYI all our NSW instructors are fully vaccinated.

TRG Assessment TBA

SPG Assessment              TBA

SPG Training      TBA

MPG Training    TBA

CI Training TBA



Courses in SE Qld are 'as required' and subject to minimum numbers. Please contact Lee if you would like to organise a training course for your group of 3 or more participants.

Anyone interested in joining up for these above courses should contact Lee Anice: as soon as possible.



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